Ace Data Entry Guru BIB Data Entry and Race Data Management Company 1


BIB Data Entry – Our BIB Number Data Entry For Marathon, cycle race, in USA provides Marathon Race, Triathlons Race, Bike Racing, Cycling Race, Motor Racing, Equestrians Bib number Data Entry for Any Race Events.



BIB Tag System

Image Tagging Data Services

Image Sorting

Image Capturing

Image Keying and Cataloguing

Metadata Addition

Format Conversation

Image Database

Image Data Entry into Preferred File Format

BIB and Chest Number Tagging

Image Labeling

BIB and Chest Number Tagging

Image Storage and Retrieval Services

Image Analysis Services

Image Capturing

Image Optimization and Conversion

Data Entry from Receipt Images

Image Sorting

Image Data Entry into Preferred File Format

Image Keying and Indexing

Image Data Analysis

Data Entry from Scanned Images to Excel

Marathons, Road Races, Track and Field Competitions, Cross Country Races, Skiing, Biking Events, Triathlons, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer or Football Tryouts, Dance Competitions


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