Bank Reconciliation Services for outsourcing businesses

Ace Data Entry Guru is able to provide a full range of bank reconciliation services for outsourcing client, entrepreneurs, and businesses across the U.S.A., Australia, Canada, UK & around the world. Our bank reconciliation services involve comparing your record of transactions and balances to the bank’s record of transactions and balances.


Each month’s bank statement begins with the closing balance of the account on the last month’s statement. To reconcile the current months statement, add the sums of all the deposits, checks, withdrawals, bank charges and electronic payments made throughout the month. To check if your records agree with those that the bank keeps, using the balance of your register add or subtract all payments or deposits made on a daily basis to ensure that your balance never drops below zero. At the end of the month, your ending balance in the register should agree with the ending balance on the bank’s monthly statement, after it has been corrected for deposits, checks and charges that have not cleared the bank yet.

The difference between the two records on a given date may arise because of the following:

  • Cheques drawn but not yet presented to the bank
  • Cheques received but not yet deposited in the bank
  • Interest credited and not recorded in the organization’s books
  • Bank charges debited but not recorded in the organization’s books

Benefits of Outsourcing Bank Reconciliation Statement

  • Helps in better and more efficient maintenance of books of accounts
  • Discrepancy between cash and bank pass book is detected easily.
  • Personnel in accounts department can concentrate on more important issues.
  • Corporate with high volume accounts are the biggest beneficiaries.
  • Less paper work reduces confusion

Ace Data Entry Guru experience in the field of bank reconciliation services has grown-up over years. We have successfully positioned ourselves as a global player by always maintenance the highest standards of business principles with our guaranteed quality. We offer a wide range of reports reflecting credit card reconciliation and debit activity. Contact us or send email: to outsource your bank reconciliation services requirements.

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