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Ace Data Entry Guru is Title Search Services provider of title services and currently works with title companies, insurance company and law firm we are generating Title Searches, Title Commitments, Online Recording etc. Our Ace Data Entry Guru Title Search services mainly includes search against lawsuits, liens, deeds, mortgages, taxes, bankruptcies and legal claims. By using state-of-the-art technologies, highly expert and experienced staff, well defined quality processes and high security policies, we assure our global clients a cost-effective, accurate and range of services.

  • Maximize Float – Minimize Shortages Full Search (F/S)
  • Limited/Streamline/One Owner Search C/O)
  • Current Owner Search
  • Two Owner Search
  • Last Vesting Deed
  • Full Title Search Services
  • Judgment Searches
  • Document Retrievals
  • Tax Searches
  • Title Commitments
  • REO Reports
  • Deed Chain Search
  • Mortgage/Deed of Trust Search

Document Recording
Owner & Encumbrance Reports
Legal & Vesting Report

Full Title Examination

  • Title Commitment Preparation
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Final Policy Production
  • HUD Statement Preparation
  • HOA Information
    Open & Closed Liens
  • Lien Position, Transfers, History
    Involuntary Liens
  • Tax Status

Last Market Sale, Foreclosure Status
Ownership History
Nearby Sales & Listings
Property Comp
Sales History
Historical Tax Reports

Title Search / Abstracting Services by data entry guru:

  • Full Search
  • Limited / One Owner Search
  • Two Owner Search T/O
  • Gap Search
  • Tax Research
  • Bring Downs/Date Downs/Updates(U/D)
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Lien Clearance
  • Commitment Typing
  • Owner & Encumbrance Reports (O&E’s)
  • Legal & Vesting Report
  • Full Title Examination
  • Title Commitment Preparation
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Final Policy Production
  • Settlement Statement (HUD)

Ace Data Entry Guru title search for current owner as well as past and present owners consists of:

  • Complete details of present owner of the property in question including deed under consideration.
  • Last two owners who had held the title to the subject property.
  • Comprehensive report on tax status, vesting deed, liens, judgments, open mortgages, county assessment details, etc. is delivered methodically.

Ace Data Entry Guru title search services protect you from purchasing any illegal or disputed property. We also provide a detailed and customized report on all the documents collected during the search period to ease your property analysis.

Get in touch with us at info@acedatagurus.com and feel free to contact us any time to discuss regarding your Title Indexing and Data Entry indexing service requirements.

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Title Search Service

Ordering the title report |Analyzing the financial implications of a loan |Organizing transfer of property rights | Acquiring mortgage policies (if required)

Current Owner Search

Deed and ownership information | All open recorded Mortgage/Deed of Trust | Property tax information | Assessed valuationby the tax assessor’s office.

Two Owner Search

Documenting chain of title going back two full value deeds | All open mortgages and Deed of Trust | Liens on the property affidavits, notices, etc.| Tax information


All deeds transfer in chain of title of all owners within the last thirty (30) years | Judgement, liens and encumbrances | Bankruptcy, UCC (uniform commercial code) and Surrogate/upper court.