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At Ace Data Entry Guru, we have keyed a number of title documents and our expertise vests in turnkey digital title plant implementations. We can aid to make electronic title plant indexing from any kind of input document. Ace Data Entry Guru can help you create electronic title plant from any form of input documents – be it paper, microfilm, microfiche or Lot/Tract book, Aperture cards, or from digital images, etc. Ace Data Entry Guru have digitized back plant as well as “go forward” documents with excellent quality and turnaround time.

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Title Plant Document Types:

Plat Lists

Land Records

Court-filed Documents


Assessor Data

Previous work product

Ace Data Entry Guru capturing key data elements like recording information, names, legal descriptions, property ID numbers, abstracts, and property addresses from real property documents like deed of trust, releases, mortgages, abstracts of judgment, etc. can be expensive, time consuming and error prone.

Ace Data Entry Guru Title Indexing document indexing can transport your Title Plant to higher productivity and improved customer service by automating the extraction of these key data elements from paper documents.


Thousands of different types of documents are filed daily with the County Clerks offices across the USA and UK. The Title Insurance companies maintain a database of these documents. Some examples of the documents filed are:

Deed of Trust

Lien Documents

Partial or Full Lien release document

Marriage Certificates

Easement Rights

And many others

Parties related information (Grantor/Grantee)

Legal Description of the property involved in the document (Subdivision, Block, Lot or Acreage related details)

Prior References mentioned in the document

The Addresses of Properties and Parties involved

We have been keying more than 15,000,000 title documents per year, every year since the past 15 years. We are well aware that Legal description and local laws may change from county to county. Our Title data entry operators are fully trained to handle these variations.

Get in touch with us at info@acedatagurus.com and feel free to contact us any time to discuss regarding your Title Indexing and Data Entry indexing service requirements.