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Ace Data Entry Guru is truly exceptional when it comes to providing solutions for dental offices. Their system is not only innovative but also one-of-a-kind, making them stand out from the crowd. Additionally, their commitment to maintaining the highest standard of service sets them apart as a reliable and trustworthy partner. We are proud to offer an ever-growing list of services and modules for Dental Practice Management. Our dedication lies in improving the future of Dental Practice Management through strong and lasting partnerships with our clients.

At Ace Data Entry Guru, we also specialize in providing comprehensive dental billing services. Our dental billing services encompass dental billing data entry and are designed to streamline your dental practice’s revenue cycle management. As a trusted dental billing services company, we offer the following services to optimize your billing processes:

Dental Billing Data Entry Services: Our skilled data entry specialists handle the accurate and efficient entry of patient and billing information into your dental practice’s billing system. By ensuring precise data entry, we minimize errors and streamline the billing process, leading to faster claim submissions and improved reimbursement.

AR Collection and Follow-Up: Our dedicated team focuses on timely and effective follow-up on outstanding accounts receivable (AR). We work closely with insurance companies and patients to ensure prompt payment and resolve any billing or reimbursement issues. By maximizing AR collections, we help improve your cash flow and overall financial performance.

Dental Coding: Our certified dental coders assign accurate and compliant codes to dental procedures and services. By ensuring correct coding, we help optimize claim reimbursement, reduce claim denials, and maintain compliance with coding guidelines and regulations specific to the dental industry.

Credentialing: Our experts can assist with the credentialing process, ensuring that your dental practice and providers are properly enrolled with insurance companies and networks. By maintaining accurate and up-to-date credentials, you can avoid claim denials and ensure smooth reimbursement processes.

Denial Analysis and Denial Management: We conduct thorough analysis of claim denials to identify patterns and root causes. By understanding the reasons for denials, we can implement effective strategies to prevent future denials and improve overall revenue cycle performance. Our denial management services include filing appeals, reworking claims, and providing documentation as required.

Dental Billing Outsource Services
Dental Billing Outsource Services

Credentialing – Credential, enroll, and re-credential your doctors quickly and easily.

Dental Insurance Verification – Verify your patient’s dental insurance information on demand.

Accounts Receivable Follow Up – Open claims investigations, resubmissions, and more.

Accounts Clean Up – Purge duplicates, merge accounts, and clean up old accounts.

Fee Schedule Maintenance – Up-to-date fee schedules enable proper treatment plans and clean claims.

Payment Posting – Post payments, process adjustments and denials, and more.

Accounts Payable Outsourcing – Change an Accounts Payable Workflow into an efficient, paperless process.

Dental Billing Services We Offer
  • Dental Insurance Verification
  • Dental Patient Demographics Entry
  • Dental Coding Services
  • Dental Billing Charge Entry
  • Dental Claims Submission
  • Dental AR Follow-up
  • Dental Payment Posting
  • Dental Denial Analysis

Key Services & Modules Followed by Ace Data Entry Guru

Credentialing Process (Doctor and Insurance)

Revenue Cycle Management Services

  • Patient Engagement & Marketing
  • Fee Schedule Upkeep and Data Entry
  • Patient Scheduling and Appointments*
  • Automated Appointment Verification and Electronic Communication*
  • Eligibility Check, Benefit Determination and Payment Coordination
  • Patient Registration*
  • Treatment Plans and Notes*
  • Patient Checkout and Fee Collection*
  • Insurance Coding and Billing
  • Preauthorization and Follow-ups
  • Electronic Patient Referrals*

Office-Level Modules

  • Insurance Claim Management
  • Follow-ups and Insurance payments (EOB) Posting
  • Patient Billing, Invoicing and Collection
  • Doctor Accounting
  • Enterprise-level Accounting (P&L)*
  • Data Management: scan and upload of various documents including but not limited to HMO/DHMO roster, Preauthorization, EOB, Digital X-ray data backup
  • Recall System Management


  • Data Migration
  • Hardware and Network Management
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Clinical Quality Assurance and Analysis
  • Accounting Systems Integration
  • Intensive Clinical Compliance with Payor and Regulatory bodies auditing
  • Intensive Financial Compliance and Reporting
  • VOIP services, Call center and After-hours patient communication
  • Patient Education Modules
  • Custom User Interface
  • Security Surveillance
  • Integrated Credit card system
  • Employee Time Management

By outsourcing your dental billing needs to Ace Data Entry Guru, you can benefit from our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to accuracy. We understand the unique complexities of dental billing and stay updated with industry regulations to ensure compliance. Our goal is to optimize your revenue generation, improve cash flow, and reduce administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional dental care to your patients.

We are thrilled to offer a comprehensive range of services to support your dental practice’s daily operations. From handling banking and accounting tasks to providing financial auditing, budgeting, and cost control assistance, we have you covered. We can also assist with business account set-up, HR and payroll management, doctor contracts, legal compliance, and provide necessary legal services. Rest assured that we are dedicated to meeting all of your routine dental management needs with utmost professionalism., Marketing & Patient Retention Services, Doctor and Employee Training at the Dental Future Center, Real Estate Liaison services, Profitable Location Selection, and Facility Management.

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