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Ace Data Entry Guru India is the leading data collection service, Online Data Collection, Market research data collection, Data collection and reporting, Consumer data collection, Marketing data collection, Product details, pricing & review data collection provider company in India offers a top quality data collection outsourcing services at lowest prices.

As a reputed and experienced BPO / Outsourcing company, we have a wide range of data collection services with a greater excellent quality output. Our data collection service inclusions are as follows:


Data Collection Services Offered By Data Entry Guru

Insurance Data Collection Services

Online Data Collection Services

Product Data Collection Services

Remote Data Collection Services

Web Data Collection Services

Insurance Claims Data Collection

Online Data Collection

Product Data Collection

Remote Data Collection

Web Data Collection

Offline Data Collection

Data Collection from Books

Data Collection from Paper Forms

Data Collection of Contact Details

Data Collection of Address

Collection of Data from Files

Collection of Data from Websites

Data Collection from Specific Sources

Data collection from various offline resources

Data collection from websites

Collection of data from business directories

Gathering of data from online shopping portals

Collection of data from job postings

Data gathering from search engines

Market Research Data Collection

Contact Information Collection

Product Details Collection

Social Media Data Collection

Extract / Scrapping Data from Website

Data collection from survey and questionnaire

Web data collection to collect data from websites

Data collection and reporting

Data collection of medical / hospital records

Consumer data collection

Marketing data collection

Product details, pricing & review data collection

Data Entry Guru has successfully worked on the following domains from national and international market.

Banking & Finance
Healthcare & Wellness
Media & Entertainment

Ace Data Entry Guru provides a full range of Data Collection field services including: CATI interviewing, online surveys, elite B2B, multilingual capabilities, coding & tabulation. Full service

data collection company that provides marketing research services from its headquarters located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.

Ace Data Entry Guru team is able to handle data collection from several manual documents, journals and books as well. This makes our data collection facilities the best potential solution to all your data collection requirements.

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